The Rules
The Rules
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The Rules: for the game of life
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A novel, in which secrets are revealed. That "voice in your head" has something new to tell you. A novel, a parable, a glimpse into one man's internal dialog, revealing unexpected rules from an unverified source. His life is punctuated by tantalizingly cosmic insights - from God, from an alter ego, or possibly just a big misunderstanding. "The Rules" takes the reader far from homilies and aphorisms into a surprising existential form of spiritual clarity, where expectations are up-ended, and theology is boiled down to its essentials. Notions of 'how it works' become intimate and personal, brought down to earth but at the same time revealed in a quiet grandeur that transcends conventional thinking. "The Rules" is a light-hearted journey into a new vision of the sacred permeating the mundane, offering inspiration without sentimentality, realism without emptiness.
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